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XML 10, 10 years of XML

November 6, 2008

Yes, 10 years of XML. If you have tried to experiment anything in the web so you’ve seen XML is some application. XML is in everywhere no matter the programming language you like, no matter if your preference is on WOA, SOA , RESTful… or even if you just want to write a simple HTML web page. Soon or later you’ll be handling XML. So if you don’t know what a hell is XML, it’s time to google for it or just go to the XML’s father site….

W3C XML 10th anniversary



Mashups, SOA, RESTful…

November 6, 2008

I just read that ProgrammableWeb reached 1000 Web APIs added to their directory.

That’s really a amazing collection well categorized and with lot of information.

As expected mapping APIs are still on top of the list mainly due to Google and Yahoo! effort to produce quite useful and comprehensive APIs.

Also, interest to note that REST-based APIs represent 63% of the total while SOAP based APIs represent  22%. But, it can not be seen how’s the trend since